Chucky Doughnut Finally Arrives for Halloween at Universal Orlando


This year for Halloween Horror Nights season Universal Orlando built on corporate synergy involving the second season of the “Chucky” television series of NBCUniversal networks being released soon.  At Universal Orlando, guests may enjoy a Chucky themed photo opportunity like during the 2021 spooky season. A Chucky cake pop appeared in San Francisco Pastry Company and Croissant Moon Bakery for spooky season. Recently, Voodoo Doughnut finally started selling the “Chucky” doughnut. I say finally since this doughnut got promoted by Universal Orlando early in the spooky season. Then, we learned that this doughnut would not be coming out until October. Of course, then Hurricane Ian slowed down things.

Yet, I tried the Chucky themed Halloween Horror Nights doughnut on October 4th while at Universal Orlando. This doughnut costs $3.75. The menu description tells us to expect a raised yeast shell filled doughnut with pumpkin spice Bavarian crème. The doughnut supposedly comes dipped in vanilla frosting. I say dipped since it looked to just be frosted with mine. Then, the Chucky 2 symbol stands out in the white frosting.

In fairness, this doughnut did not look like I expected. I thought it would look like the Jurassic World doughnut from this summer. However, the logo simply stands out as a different color in the white frosting. This doughnut was not overly sweet. If you are someone who avoids super sugary sweet items, then this doughnut would work for you. The raised yeast portion offered decent flavor but not up to normal standard here when I tried it.

My main issue with this doughnut relates to the lack of filling. This issue sometimes strikes this Voodoo Doughnut location. For my experience, this doughnut lacked adequate filling. Also, I had a hard time determining if this was actually pumpkin spice cream. Based on my experience, the cream fails to shine enough in this doughnut.

Overall, this doughnut tasted fine. However, I can name ten doughnuts at Voodoo that I would have over this one for the same or less money. I know I have a friend who will insist on trying this doughnut this week. If he does and he has a different experience, I will post about it on my twitter. As always, eat like you mean it!

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