Chocolate Spider Cake at Today Café Review

Photo by Xavier Hamilton of Universal Food Blog

In J.K. Rowling’s work Harry Potter and Chamber of Secret, we learn about Ron Weasley’s fears. Though we learn later in this literary franchise that Ron has many fears. As a Brave Gryffindor Ron overcomes these in time. However, I am not sure he would have appreciated the Chocolate Spider Cake filled with Oreo cream filling at Today Café in Universal Studios Florida. He might have asked “Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be ‘follow the butterflies.’”

HHN today cafe
Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

I did not see any butterfly treats recently at Universal Orlando, but I found a scrumptious spider. This cute spider looking cake works well with the Halloween seasonal theme and the price is not too scary at $4.99. As has been the trend over recent years, the food options at Universal Orlando have improved significantly from 10 years ago.

The design of this spider treat is well done. In just the right light and special effects, you might be able to convince someone that it is truly a spider. The Universal chefs should get credit for that but as always, the key is taste.

Photo by Xavier Hamilton of Universal Food Blog

This treat was quite good. There were a few concerns though. The “cake” portion was not really cake. Universal Orlando seems to be having trouble with naming their treat to match what they are in actuality this year. Now, that does not take away from the quality. The naming issue does stress many people who are far better bakers than me. The “cake” portion has been described as more of a mouse or perhaps a torte.

There is a thin chocolate layer to create the dome-like shape of this treat. The filling is nice adding to the overall experience. If you are a fan of Oreo flavor, then this treat also has a tiny sphere of cookie crumbs to form the spider’s head. Like the Pumpkin Crème Cheese Crème Brulee, this treat is worth your time.

This year, the treats at Universal Orlando have been using a large amount of black dye for seasonal effect. You may find that it adds to the experience. Yet, you may find the black dye gets on lots of things so arm your self with napkins and wet wipes if you plan to enjoy several offerings with black theming. Though Ron Weasley may avoid this one, it is another themed treat success you can find at the Today Café.

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