Chile-Mango Loaded Dole Whip Now at the Tropical Hideaway in Disneyland

(Photo Credit: @coheteboy on Instagram)

Okay. When I first heard about this I actually said “Say what now?” out loud.

This is one of the strangest Dole Whips I’ve seen.  But it’s the newest “Shipment” added to the Loaded Whip menu at the Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland Park, joining the Orange-Pineapple Swirl Whip.

Both Loaded Whips are $7.99 but this one is more of a savory one according to those that have tried it.

@Soysauce714 Instagram

It’s a pineapple-mango dole whip with chunks of pineapple, cucumber, chamoy and chili-lime seasoning.

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WDWNT did a really good review on it that you can check out.

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Featured Image Source: @coheteboy on Instagram.  All other images and sources linked in story.


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