Child Runs Onto a Parade Float in Walt Disney World


A child ran onto a parade float in Walt Disney World, and the moment was captured in a viral video that originated on TikTok and was posted to reddit.
The incident happened during Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade in the Magic Kingdom. The child ran onto the float to hug Pluto. A quick-thinking Disney Cast Member picked up the child and removed him from the float.

Comments quickly became heated in the reddit thread, with the mods threatening to lock it down.

“Exactly, and they have had past incidents at Disney where guests and cast members have got injured/killed from being run over from parade floats. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone was hurt from their parade floats, and I’m so glad nothing happened with that child here,” says one user.

While some complained about the parents not watching their kids, others applauded the father who seemed to be on top of it.

“I’ve seen a lot of posts showing entitled WDW guests lately but I don’t think this is one of of them. The second the dad noticed what happened he came running. Kids are not always perfectly behaved,” a user says. “Excellent job by the CM who made sure this ended as a lesson for the little boy and not a tragedy. Hope her leg is alright.”

Anecdotally, in 1990 my own brother (who was about 4 at the time) escaped from my parents and ran in front of one of the Main Street Electrical Parade bugs at Disneyland. Like this incident, a quick thinking Cast Member got him out of harm’s way.

[Source: reddit]

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