Changes with The Revenge of the Mummy Attraction at Universal Studios Florida?


Almost from the moment that an extensive refurbishment of The Revenge of the Mummy attraction was announced, wild rumors started about a full re-theme for it. Universal Orlando fans voiced fear that a “Tom Cruise” Mummy movie re-theme would occur. Though no evidence of that ever-showed credibility, people, and some sites, kept voicing that theory. Another theory involved reducing the theming that many guests do not fully understand regarding Brendan Fraser in the queue and the end of the attraction. Since “Mummy” attractions in other places do not feature Mr. Fraser, that theory at least offered some credibility.

Mummy entrance July 27th, 2022
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Tangible evidence of a potential minor re-theming of the Mummy attraction gained traction as “Sahara Traders” gift shop returned to previous look. Many new high quality themed props promoted the idea of legend of Carl Denham. In movie lore, Carl Denham is a fictional character in many King Kong movies. Denham organized the trip to Skull Island. He also organizes the effort to bring King Kong to New York. If you know your King Kong lore, you understand how that went in the movies.

August 13th with tarp removed on windows

The key aspect from the lore of Carl Denham within Sahara Traders gift shop revolves around King Kong being marketed as “eighth wonder of the world.” In Sahara Traders, a large banner now indicates that Carl Denham brings us the “ninth wonder of the world” known as the living mummy. The gift shop area features several homages to a museum in honor of Carl Denham and the “Mummy”. Some direct “Easter Eggs” connecting Carl Denham to characters in the Brendan Fraser Mummy movie reside within the gift shop. Universal Orlando even added some excellent old-time radio broadcasts/programs to help with the theming.

Also in the gift shop, we get more of a museum of antiquities. We see museum tickets and brochures laying around as part of shop décor. This slight re-theme makes a logical progression in 2022 for this gift shop.

Team member preview/ride testing happened on August 13th. Though Universal Orlando team members could not discuss what they saw on the attraction. Still, many said the attraction was great. They did say that they would have enjoyed the attraction more if they had gotten their cup of coffee. Though at that point, this did not count as valid evidence. Yet, most took this to mean the wild rumored speculation about removing Brendan Fraser from attraction did not happen.

However, based on other reports, as expected, the queue looks basically the same. Some new lighting set-ups appear to exist now. Clearly, the launch tunnel area features better lighting system now. I have reports that the projections are in 4K now. The core of the attraction looks like it was before refurbishment started. Some basic track work looks evident. Yet, this does not change attraction in a noticeable way. The major obvious change relates to the new loading gates for the attraction.  Thankfully, the audio animatronics received some tender loving care. The rumored extensive work upgrading the electronic system with the control booth area for this coaster seems to have gone well.

Lastly, your favorite coffee joke will still be valid regarding the Revenge of the Mummy attraction. Team member testing went well on August 13th. As of time of writing, we still do not have an official date for Mummy attraction to be open to all guests. We will keep you updated as things become official about this coaster attraction. Who knows? The attraction might be open before this gets published. Remember, the curse is real!

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