Carousel of Progress Animatronic Loses a Hand. Darth Vader Not a Suspect.

(Photo Credit: u/ColtsMcgee on Reddit)

Today the Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World, was temporarily shut down because in the first scene of the ride “John” lost his hand.

(Photo Credit: u/ColtsMcgee on Reddit)

According to Twitter it was only down for about 35 minutes. Which is not terrible.

Usually, there is not a mad rush for that attraction, unless it’s raining or incredibly hot, then suddenly everyone wants to ride it.

We were there yesterday and my son pointed out that his other hand was doing some jitters here and there. So he was not surprised when I told him that one of them fell off in that scene.

Now, Darth Vader is not a suspect. It was simply an accident.

I really hope they refurbish this attraction soon. Right now they basically use it for a stroller parking location. Then they turn around and make 45th Anniversary merchandise to cash in on it.

(later in the day there aren’t nearly as many strollers shoved around it.)

It really needs a refurbishment and I hope they don’t take it out. It’s an important piece of Disney history, just like It’s a Small World.

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Source: u/ColtsMcgee on Reddit

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