Cara Dune Story Leaked? A Credible Source Claims Favreau Had Big Plans


The Overlord DVD channel on YouTube is making big claims about a supposed leak direct from a Lucasfilm employee. The YouTube channel is known for its reporting on Star Wars and Lucasfilm, and has been right in the past with leaks about the final season of Game of Thrones and The Rise of Skywalker. Be advised, we can’t independently verify everything the channel is claiming, although some of the leaked information lines up with what we’ve heard in the past.

Overlord DVD Original Video

What is interesting about the video is that the YouTuber is claiming to have direct information from a Lucasfilm employee. That’s a pretty bold statement. Usually it’s hard to get a leak like this without having to be extremely careful about revealing any details of the source. Furthermore, the YouTuber speculates that the leak comes from an employee who is disgruntled in that they are frustrated the stories of Cara Dune will no longer come to pass. Those are some major claims.

To catch all of our dear readers up to date, Cara Dune is the character who was played by Gina Carano in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. After Carano was targeted by large numbers of individuals on Twitter demanding she put pronouns in her bio (seen as positive in the transsexual community by some), followed by backlash to her warnings against political hostility, Carano was let go by Lucasfilm in an unprofessional leak to a trade publication. Carano has been defended by Carl Weathers, Bill Burr, Forbes magazine, and others.

Overlord DVD claims that the Lucasfilm leaker relayed that Jon Favreau’s original plan was to have Cara Dune be a major character in the new Boba Fett series, and then essentially be the star of the series Rangers of the New Republic. While we can’t confirm the Boba Fett rumor, it is our understanding that Carano was, indeed, set to star in the Rangers of the New Republic series as recently as November. We have been told in the past that it was her social media posts about vote transparency that got her in hot water with Disney brass to the point she was a dead actress walking. Overlord DVD further claims that the big baddie for the next few series would have been a character named Darth Talon, which again, aligns with what we’ve heard in the past. At this time, we cannot confirm the story beats that the YouTube channel details for how these characters would move throughout the now canned narrative.

Finally, the video talks about an interaction between Jon Favreau and a Lucasfilm employee. We cannot independently verify any private conversations between Jon Favreau and anyone else… there’s simply no way to do that. All we can say is that Favreau is intensely private. We also know through various delays, leaks, and sources, that losing Carano has been significantly disruptive to the prior story map that had been developed for the Favreau Filoni (Favloni) Star Wars Universe. The latest we’ve heard is that The Mandalorian Season 3 may be delayed all the way until midyear of 2023 because of the behind-the-scenes drama.

So what do you think? Is Overlord DVD onto another real leak here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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