Cara Dune, Played by Gina Carano, Ordered Removed From Artwork by Kathleen Kennedy’s Lucasfilm

The Mandalorian Art piece with Mando and Grogu in the front and other characters

Things are looking more and more spicy for Gina Carano and her relationship with the splendid folks over at Kathleen Kennedy’s Lucasfilm. Of course, it could always be worse — at least she’s not James Earl Jones, voice of Darth Vader and known ultra rarity African American celebrity who also happens to be a conservative. Then you might watch as Lucasfilm wishes happy birthday to other Star Wars actors while ignoring you the day before MLK Day. But either way, Carano is back in the boiling pot that is Lucasfilm, so let’s dig into what’s happened.

Our latest information comes from Pomojema_SWNN over on Twitter, which was then picked up by Comic Artists Pro Secrets. We’ll link to the video at the bottom of the article.

So apparently a Twitter user noticed that an artist associated with Lucasfilm had made a video showing Gina Carano’s Cara Dune character being removed from commissioned artwork. In its place was Ahsoka Tano. Within a very short duration of time, however, that video and announcements connected to the video were all taken down.

It turns out that the artist ordered to remove Gina Carano from official Lucasfilm artwork was Mark Raats, who does a lot of stylized Hollywood artwork. Mark Raats seems like a really nice guy, so this article isn’t intended to bring heat to him — he’s just doing what’s he’s told by his client. What is strange though, is that it appears Mr. Raats was given a spiel to relay to fans requesting comment on the change to the artwork. The spiel seems to go something like this:

“Don’t read too much into the decision. The change was made because we could only have two dark side and two light side characters in the composition. Rosario Dawson’s character was so popular that they decided on the change.”

Now, maybe I’m missing where all those responses have gone, but to me it looks like the many, many responses he gave to fans with that spiel are now gone. Again, I could just be missing them.

This comes on the heels of rumors we’re receiving that Gina Carano has been told to keep a low profile online, and that she may have been instructed not to raise any additional controversial opinions in the public sphere. I’m hearing that there were some people displeased with her interview with a YouTuber associated with Last Jedi criticism. I can’t corroborate that yet, but it’s what we’re hearing.

But regardless, we can see that the Kathleen Kennedy faction of Lucasfilm have moved beyond the simple drawing of X’s on characters they don’t like. Now, they’re just removing them entirely. Gotta love those wacky Lucasfilm extremists!

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