Can’t Make It To HHN 2021…Then Bring Beetlejuice Home Instead


Calling all Beetlejuice fans, this year Halloween Horror Nights is going to have a Beetlejuice house, but you don’t have to visit Universal to bring him home. Spirit Halloween has a new Beetlejuice animatronic figure.

It’s a 5’8″ Tall Beetlejuice Animatronic – $279.99

This is pre-order for September 9/15/21

Here’s the write-up:

Need a scare done right? Say “Beetlejuice” three times and the perfect man for the job will appear! 

Consider yourself unlucky once this Beetlejuice animatronic comes to life! You won’t know what to say once his torso begins to turn from side to side and he begins to taunt you with his hilarious phrases from the movie!

  • Officially licensed
  • Includes:
    • Animatronic
    • Instruction manual
    • Volume control
    • External speaker jack
    • Adapter
  • Product Sayings:
    • “I’m feeling a little, ooh, anxious if you know what I mean. It’s been about six hundred years after all. I wonder where a guy, an everyday Joe like myself, can find a little action”… “Now! Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.”
    • “Whew, thank you, thank you. That’s why I won’t do two shows a night anymore. I won’t. I won’t do ‘em.” “Hey, These aren’t my rules. Come to think of it, I don’t have any rules.”
    • “I attended Juillard. I’m a graduate of Harvard Business School. I travel extensively. I lived through the black plague, and I had a pretty good time doing that. I’ve see the Exorcist about 167 times and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it!”…. “I’m the ghost with the most babe.”
    • “Say it once. Say it twice. Third times a charm!”….”JUST SAY IT!”….”It’s showtime!”
    • “You know, you look like somebody I can relate to. Maybe you could help me get out of here, you know, because I got to tell you, this dead thing…it’s just too creepy. …..See, here’s my problem. I got these friends I said I’d meet, and it’s the kind of thing where I have to be there in person, so could you help me get out of here?

There is also a fun Beetlejuice sign available as well!

Hanging Marquee sign – $49.99

Show off your extreme fandom for Beetlejuice this Halloween when you decorate your home with this officially licensed Light-Up Hanging Marquee Beetlejuice Sign. Make this light-up sign a part of your Halloween decor and you won’t ever have to worry about getting spooked out of your own house by Beetlejuice. 

  • Officially licensed 
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 26″ H x 20″ W x 2″ D
  • Material: Plastic, LED lights, electronics
  • Battery Type: 3 AA batteries (included)

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