Can I Have Ice Cream for Breakfast at Universal Orlando?


The first Saturday in February works as “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.” If you are like me, you never heard of this special day before. However, I will use any excuse to talk about theme park food. Also, this food holiday gives me a good excuse to talk about one of the best ice cream places in Orlando area. Even as a 100% Muggle, I enjoy the ice cream at Harry Potter’s favorite ice cream place, Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlour.

Photo by Jon Self

As you might expect, this ice cream place exists within Diagon Alley section of Universal Studios Florida. The theming revolves around the ice cream place in the books that Harry Potter frequented often. Now, if you are a fan of the books, do not expect to get your ice cream here for free every half hour like Harry did.

Unlike many food/beverage locations within Universal Orlando, operating hours start early and finish late. Currently, Florean Fortescue’s operating hours go from park opening to park closing. In other words, you can have ice crem for breakfast here. Many of my veteran Universal Orlando friends do this often. A key reason for ice cream for breakfast for them involves the probable long queues that develop here.

As mentioned earlier, the ice cream here grades high. I propose this place makes best theme park ice cream in Orlando area. Even as a Muggle, I love the Butterbeer soft serve ice cream here. I prefer the shorter line at Fountain of Fair Fortune for it but that is a story for another day. According to official menu, you can get two scoops of ice cream here in a waffle cone for $5.99 (before any discounts). Also, you can get same ice cream in a souvenir container for $7.49.

If you desire something else, you could get soft serve ice cream of varieties varying from Banana, Granny Smith, Pistachio, Toffee, and Orange Marmalade to name a few. Hard pack ice cream costing a $1 more comes in a vast array of flavors here. Hard pack options listed are “Chocolate Chili, Apple Crumble, Vanilla, Salted Caramel Blondie, Chocolate, Clotted Cream, Earl Grey & Lavender, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Chocolate & Raspberry, (and) Strawberry & Peanut Butter.”

Florean Fortescue’s serves sundaes also. These sundaes cost $9.99 with a solid portion size for a theme park. The signature sundae offered stirs the mind of any Harry Potter book fan. This Chocolate Strawberry Peanut-Butter Sundae harkens back to a favorite ice cream flavor of Harry Potter.

Now, I lack experience tasting every flavor of ice cream here. Still, I have never heard someone say they were unhappy with their ice cream choice. So next time someone asks if you can have ice cream for breakfast, you tell them Yes! Well, if they are at Universal Studios Florida.

Maybe you should celebrate February 5th this year by having ice cream for breakfast at Florean Fortescue’s. Who knows, I might see you there!

Do you have a favorite flavor at Florean Fortescue’s? Which is it?

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