California Man Who Visited Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Dies from COVID-19


I’m sad to report that 34 year old Jeffrey Ghazarian has passed away from the Coronavirus, after being hospitalized several days in Pasadena.

(Photo Credit: TMZ, Image of Jeffrey Ghazarian who passed away on March 19, 2020.)

TMZ reported the death earlier with family members telling them that Ghazarian flew from Los Angeles to Orlando on March 2 for a work conference. During his time in Orlando, he went to Disney World and Universal theme parks with friends.

He began developing a cough on March 7th and the next day he began to cough up blood. He returned to California and went to receive treatment. There he was confirmed to have pneumonia and was then tested for COVID-19. He was sent home with antibiotics and fluids and was told to self-quarantine pending the results.

On March 13 the test came back positive for the virus. Then on March 14th he was taken to the hospital by ambulance with his lungs 60-70% blocked due to the pneumonia. He was put on a ventilator but he passed away today, March 19th.

It is important to note that Mr. Ghazarian did have asthma and had chronic bronchitis as a child.  He also was at higher risk for contraction the virus due to beating testicular cancer in 2016.

We are not posting this story to panic anyone, but to make you aware that he had visited both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando in the time frame he was in Orlando.

Our thought go out to Mr. Ghazarian’s family and friends.

Source: TMZ, Fox 6

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