Build-Your-Own Lightsaber Experience Returns in full to Disney’s Hollywood Studios


After departing Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests were greeted with the chance to build their own (affordable) lightsaber. It may not have been Savi’s quality, but these plastic replicas were more manageable on a budget. However, COVID changed the way Disney handled this experience, and it remained limited until recently!

Chip & Company‘s Instagram posted pictures of the guests being allowed to browse and build as they wished freely. While Cast Members were on hand, you were no longer limited to a single bin of parts, as was the case during the oddly long-lasting COVID protocol. 

For comparison, check out this video from five years ago to one from just last year:

I’ll give it to the Cast Members for being patient as kids sort through the bins. I’m sure the guests got antsy since the COVID protocols limited how many people could participate simultaneously. Thankfully, those days are over.

Although I’m not much of a Star Wars fan anymore (thanks to Disney), I still get a kick out of the unique merchandise the Tatooine Traders has. It’s the wonder in your kid’s eyes as they take in everything. You don’t get that same kind of feeling when you browse the Moroccan flea market at Galaxy’s Edge. 

Funnily enough, I’ve found that the toy lightsabers last longer than the Legacy and Savi versions. After years, the plastic one still lights up while my Legacy Luke and Obi-Wan hilts refuse to ignite even with fresh batteries. Sigh.

It’s too bad because some of the hilts look amazing. Take the Cal Kestis limited edition double-bladed lightsaber:

Limited Edition Cal Kestis Legacy Lightsaber
Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

I know someone who seriously collects these lightsaber hilts, and he even prefers 3rd-party replicas, saying, “They may not be official, but at least they work.

[Source: Chip & Company]

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