Build-A-Lightsaber Reopens At Hollywood Studios After Supply Shortage


With the recent controversy over the super expensive lightsabers you can get from Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge giving out plastic bags instead of carrying cases. People don’t always realize there is a cheaper alternative.

In the Tatooine Traders gift shop, when you exit the Star Tours attraction, there is one small section where young children (and hardcore Star Wars fans) can build a custom lightsaber. Though they aren’t as fancy as the $200+ ones you can get from Galaxy’s edge these ones are easier to store, are collapsible and are far cheaper for around $25+.

But now thankfully it appears that the Build-a-Lighsaber station has reopened. The reason for the closure was due to “Supply chain issues” which caused a shortage of new blades, hilts and customizable parts. You can once again recreate iconic blades from the films or make your own with either a Blue, Red, Green, Purple and more recently Yellow blade.

(Image Credit: Blog Mickey)
(Image Credit: Blog Mickey)

The build-a-lightsaber concept can be traced back to the mid 2000s. Most famously in 2005 Hasbro introduced the Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber kit where you can create your own custom lightsaber with various parts. An updated version was released a few years later which was themed after the 2008 Clone Wars tv series with additional parts.

Video courtesy of “The Dan-O Channel” on Youtube.

The toy was also available at the Disney parks at the Tomorrowland gift shop in Disneyland and the Tatooine Traders shop in Hollywood Studios. As time went on newer accessories were made so that you could recreate more iconic blades, including Mace Windu’s. The concept continued with the short lived Bladebuilders series that added blades from Rebels and the recent “Sequel Trilogy”.

Some are concerned that this line will be discontinued in favor of making the more expensive option the only way to create your own lightsaber at the Disney parks. It would be quite the blow to guests and families who can’t afford the best of the best experience unlike the more well to do guests.

Source: Blog Mickey

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