Build-A-Bear Now Offers A Special Way To Announce You’re Going To Walt Disney World


Are you planning a trip to Disney or you just wish you were going? Want something special to help give a keepsake of the surprise? Well Build-A-Bear has you covered. They have just announced a new “Going to Walt Disney World” 50th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Plush that you can purchase for $64.95.

Let’s take a look!

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? This exclusive gift bundle is the perfect way to pull off the ultimate reveal announcement! Build-A-Bear is joining the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration with a fun way to let your loved ones know they’re going to Walt Disney World! This exclusive keepsake bundle includes Mickey Mouse, his “”I’m Going to Walt Disney World”” outfit, a 1st Visit button, a 5-in-1 sound chip, and his commemorative toy bear carrier. Mickey is super excited to go on the big trip and your loved ones will be too!

The plush has 5-in-one sounds. You can hear them if you click on the play button on the photo HERE.

Honestly, I can see them getting a bit annoying pretty quick so be warned. If you are driving down with kids they’re going to play this one over and over. Kids are like dogs, but instead of smelling fear they smell annoyance. (If you are a parent/guardian I KNOW you KNOW what I’m talking about.)

How do you get this bundle?

Well it’s online only, however there are two options and one of them allows you to visit an in-person Build-A-Bear location:

1. Order online and have it sent to you “unstuffed”. When you receive the bundle, call your local store to arrange a visit and reveal experience. It will be the first of many surprises as you plan for their trip to Walt Disney World!
2. Order online and have it sent to you “stuffed”. Decide on the best way to reveal the experience in your own unique way!

Since you call ahead to the store to set up the reveal experience there may be more to that. In fact Build-A-Bear posted a video with a Instagram / TikTok family @Joyfullygreen to give you an example.

You can get your Mickey Mouse “We’re Going to Disney” HERE.  If it’s in stock that is.

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