Bryce Dallas Howard To Direct ‘Flight of the Navigator’ Reboot For Disney+ With Female Lead


Disney is once again being lazy and rebooting an existing film from their pool of 80’s and 90’s original films and of course they are taking it that one step further and gender swapping the lead.

So in typical Disney fashion they are rebooting the ‘Flight of the Navigator’ film for Disney+ with Bryce Dallas Howard directing and producing, along with her production company partner John Swartz.

The new series or film would be on Disney+ and shouldn’t be released theatrically as far as I’m aware.

The original film was from 1986 and was not made by Disney.

It was done by Randal Kleiser and Producers Sales Organization (Never Ending Story.) Disney did distribute the film for them.

‘Flight of the Navigator’ was about a 12 year old boy, David, who was taken by an alien in the late 1970’s but wasn’t returned to his own time and instead was taken to his future in 1986. His family aged but he did not.

He and the alien “Max” go on an adventure before finding a way to return him to his time in 1978. Max calls David “Navigator” hence the title.

So far we have no idea yet if the story will be the same be we do know the gender of the lead will be changed to a girl, because of course it will be.

Hollywood has tried to reboot this one before.

Disney apparently tried to reboot this film back in 2009, but they lost the rights to Lionsgate in the 2010s.  Lionsgate tried to reboot it as well, but it didn’t work out so it’s back to Disney for strip mining.

The bright spot is that it’s Bryce Dallas Howard, her work has been pretty good so far. She did direct two episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’ and she is also directing an episode of ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ as well.

It is what it is. Hollywood thinks they need to reboot literally everything that was popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s but with some diversity twist. Speaking as a woman, I’m kind of getting tired of hand me down characters and stories. Make some new things please.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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