Bruce Campbell Open To Playing Hades In Live-Action Hercules


As you may have heard Disney is currently developing a Live-Action Remake of their 1997 classic Hercules. The film will be headed up by Guy Ritchie, the same director behind the 2019 Live-Action Remake of Aladdin; A somewhat appropriate choice.

Of course when a new Live-Action Remake is announced there will be many people speculating which celebrity and/or character actor would be playing which role. Some names being thrown around include Channing Tatum as Hercules, Ariana Grande as Megera and even some demanding that Danny DeVito reprise his role as Philoctetes aka Phil.

One name however that was mentioned was veteran actor Bruce Campbell, perhaps best known for playing zombie killer Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise.

A rumor was going around that the actor was approached by Disney to play the role after he made a brief cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However those rumors were shot down by the man himself on twitter when responding to a fan. But he also said he would be open to the role.

With his type of over the top charisma and personality he actually would make a pretty decent fit.

Many probably know that Hades was originally played by actor James Woods. Woods got the role when Jack Nicholson asked for too much money. Instead of being an over the top sinister villain he played it like a used car salesman, always trying to get the upper hand and outsmart his opponent.

Not too long ago James Woods confirmed on his twitter that he had been blacklisted by Hollywood for his conservative beliefs, but he seemed to not care as he felt he had gotten enough out of his career.

What do you think? Can you see Bruce Campbell as the flaming haired lord of the underworld?

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