Update—Boo Bash Fiasco Gets Worse- Conflicting Answers About Halloween Night Being Sold Out



Now reports indicate that some people are being told there are tickets available and it’s causing a great deal of confusion.

Boo Bash tickets are now sold out for Halloween Night according multiple sources.

Today at 7AM guests with reservations at select Disney Resort hotels could call, or at least attempt to call, Disney to book their Boo Bash Tickets.  It’s been pandemonium all day as people can not get through.

At this point in time people have been calling longer than the actual event will last.

The general public can’t even order tickets until June 15th, so guests without reservations might be out of luck.

Earlier today some guests reported getting through on the phone lines but being told that the tickets were not loaded into the system.

Disney is already charging a high price for and event they are saying is “after hours” instead of the usual “party.”

People are not happy!



People are MAD.  Hours on the phone, IF you can even get into a waiting room to be on hold.

Typical Disney. Overcharges and then makes it frustrating as possible for the customers.

I guess it’s the “Disney Difference.”

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