Boo Bash Got Stormy and Guests Weren’t Happy –Disney Is Giving Out Park Ticket Compensations


Last night Orlando got hit with some pretty heavy rain and storms. Sadly, it was during the special ticketed Boo Bash event. This caused them to cancel the ‘Happily Ever After’ fireworks event. Several attractions were also closed due to the storms.


It isn’t Disney’s fault the weather ruined the night, and they did put out the snacks and trick-or-treat fare (although some have reported that they were late in some locations.) They are now apparently giving out one-day park tickets good for one year.


We apologize for the inconvenience this evening.

Your event ticket(s) have automatically been converted to provide 1-day access to the Walt Disney World Theme Park of your choice. Theme Park reservations via the Disney Park Pass system are required. The ticket will be valid for one year from the event date you purchased and does not include the Park Hopper option and is valid only during normal operating hours. Please note, you will not see this update in My Disney Experience app, but you will be able to make a park reservation with the event ticket linked to your account.

Prior to this development some people were reporting getting refunds. The line for Guest Services was extremely long last night.


It also appears that there are quite a few people in the “after hours” event. This is what I wondered when they reopened availability for many dates, but not the first day when they knew the vloggers would mostly show up to cover it!

I love the ingenuity here! I never thought to just pack them away and bring an insulated bag! 120 bottles of drinks multiplied by $4.50 and the Mickey bars. Impressive!

I mean if Disney is going to nickel and dime might as well get your money’s worth and then some!

Again, Disney has no control over the weather, but they should have been more prepared by the sounds of it. I expect that they will put up disclaimers now so they don’t lose this much next time.

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