Bob Iger To Be Honorarily Knighted By The Late Queen Elizabeth II


It has just been announced that former CEO, Chairman and President of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, will be given honorary knighthood via the late Queen Elizabeth the Second before she passed. He was awarded this title for his “services to the UK/US relations”. He was amongst the last of those who were granted the honor before her passing a couple weeks ago at the age of 96.

The former Disney executive shared his reactions via Twitter to thank the crown for the honor:

Among the others that were named included composer John Williams, know for composing the music for classic franchises such as Star Wars, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and more.

Bob Iger served as CEO of the Walt Disney Company from 2005 – 2020, replacing Michael Eisner after he was seemingly forced out. Bob Iger was instrumental in growing the Walt Disney Company by bringing in companies like Pixar, Marvel, Maker Studios, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox into the fold.

He also expanded the theme parks by championing Shanghai Disneyland and is also one of those who were instrumental in the creation of the Disney Plus streaming service. 

While many of these accomplishments sound good on paper, Iger has in recent years earned a somewhat negative reputation.

He was the one spearheading many of the acquisitions of other companies/studios and buying other IPs instead of making new ones; Spending nearly $90 Billion in total. He was the one who pushed for the trend of Live-Action Remakes instead of new and original ideas. And he was also the one that allowed the Disney company to become more political, resulting in various political controversies for the company. (Also he closed ‘Disney Quest’ for the inferior ‘NBA Experience’).

All of this continued until 2020 when he was, seemingly forced out and replaced by current CEO Bob Chapek.

While he himself looks back at his stay as CEO in a positive way, many hardcore Disney fans now blame him for a number of issues that the company is currently going through. He will probably be best known as the guy who said “Why make anything original when you can just buy someone else’s idea?

Do you think Iger is deserving of this honor?


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