Bob Iger Says That Disney Plus Needs “More Content”


Bob Iger is officially leaving the Walt Disney company after 26 years. He started at the company when ABC was acquired by Disney and eventually became the company’s CEO from 2005 – 2020. However, he was seemingly forced out of the position due to the company’s difficult financial situation, a situation that he was blamed for due to spending so much money of buying up other companies and studios. He will officially be gone form the company at the end of the month. 

In a recent interview he gave with CNBC he spoke on a number of things. Talking about his time at the company and even addressing rumors of his return, saying that he wants a “Blank Canvas”. But one topic he spoke about was that of the company’s streaming service, Disney Plus. Becoming one if the world’s biggest streaming services ever since its debut in 2019 under his watch, Iger spoke about the lack of new content the platform has been receiving.

I think Disney Plus needs more volume, and there probably needs to be more dimensionality, meaning, basically, more programming or more content for more people, different demographics. But, Bob Chapek is aware of that and is addressing those issues.

One common complaint about Disney plus is the lack of new content for the platform. With the subscriber growth seemingly hitting an invisible ceiling, it has been suggested that they add more mature content to the platform. A debate that is said to be causing some tension behind the scenes. Perhaps if Disney were to merge their services into one it would be more appealing to potential consumers. 

But also the fact that Disney is a multi-media company making products for films, television, music, and theme parks limits the amount of money that can go into any particular branch, including streaming. Unlike someone like Netflix who is exclusively streaming.

Hopefully in the future Disney can find a way to add content to the service more frequently without jeopardizing any of their other branches like film and television. Also please no more Premium Access paywalls, nobody really buys them.

Source: Chip&Co

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