Bob Iger Interested in Working in Biden Administration


Bob Iger says that he would be interested in serving in some capacity with the potential Biden administration. Considering Disney employees – and political action groups associated with Disney -donated more than 9x more money to Biden the candidate, consider us “shocked”.

The quote comes to us from Bloomberg, which once public would likely indicate that there’s movement privately where the sausage gets made. Usually figures at Iger’s level only make public statements if they’re pressuring behind the scenes. Here’s what Iger had to say:

“Giving back in some fashion — serving our country in some fashion — is certainly something that I would consider seriously. But a lot of it would depend on what it is, what the opportunity is, and whether I thought it would be something that I would both be stimulated by and be good at.”

Iger Wants a Job Helping Biden

None of this is surprising given that Biden is the candidate most desired by the Chinese government, as well as the corporate leaders in the United States who are almost all beholden to China. This also takes place as the United States is seeing the evaporation of small businesses in a paradigm shift like nothing we’ve ever seen before. According to analysts, 23% of all USD funds were created during 2020 (a mind-blowing expansion of the US currency units)… and while much of that was supposed to go to individuals and small businesses to keep them afloat during the pandemic, it now appears it was gobbled up in large part by large corporations. So while small businesses and individuals are suffering in the United States, the corporations beholden to China (remember Nike, Apple, etc, all lobbying for Chinese slave labor?) are more powerful than ever before. The transfer of wealth from small businesses to corporations has never been more profound than now.

The US Dollar Situation

So why would Iger want a job with the Biden Harris administration? Well, for starters he’s still in hot water with Paz de la Huerta alleging he knew about Harvey Weintstein and Jeffrey Epstein’s conspiracy to rape and harm women. That’s a legal battle he’d like to not deal with. Then there’s the whole DOJ investigating Disney’s connections with China, where Disney we know has communist party members working for them in administrative roles in Shanghai (per Attorney General Bill Barr).

And now that we have the breaking news that both Georgia and Pennsylvania are seriously flawed and we could actually have a contested election that goes into a contingent election in the United States, it’s getting harder and harder to like anyone who is in bed with China. We just found out that China was involved in attempts to greatly increase rioting in the United States in 2020. So while this site is not partisan, this author is not partisan, and the subject should always be Disney, it’s getting difficult to report on The Walt Disney Company without dealing with the fact that they are in bed with communism and China-friendly politics within the United States. We’re talking about the same China that has concentration camps, slavery, and pollutes the world at orders of magnitude greater than any western nation.

I look very forward to a day when we can discuss additions to the Dumbo ride or soundtrack changes on Rock’n Roller Coaster. But in 2020, we’re stuck talking about Disney partnering with the evil Chinese government. That’s the world we’re in right now. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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