Boat Begins To Sink On Pirates Of The Caribbean At Disneyland


Another day another boat related accident takes place at a North American Disney park. This time on the Disneyland version of the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride. As riders were approaching the exit the boat began to take up a significant amount of water.

A video taken by a rider was posted to TikTok via user @justinjames_. The video shows the riders seeing their feet getting all wet as the boat began to take in a significant amount of water. The riders had apparently sat there for an hour before they were then rescued by the fire department.


It was a hot mess. Honestly thought we were gonna swim our way out of this #disneyland #brokenride #piratesofthecaribbean #dca #anaheim #fyp

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All guests involved with the incident were given a $30 voucher for dry socks and lighting lane access as compensation. Honestly seems very little for what they went though. No brave pirates found any gold that day.

This latest incident has become a pattern in the poor condition of multiple ride vehicles at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. On multiple occasions both Splash Mountain rides has sinking logs. In 2021 at the Walt Disney World Pirates ride a vehicle went off track but thankfully nobody was harmed. And in 2020 at Walt Disney World an entire Jungle Cruise boat sank with guests on it.

In addition to those incidents multiple other water themed attractions have ride vehicles that are in noticeably poor condition. It’s A Small World at Walt Disney World has boats that are turning black and the recently re-opened Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland has severe rust on the partially submerged vehicles despite a lengthy refurbishment.

These incidents keep causing concern for guests as at some point someone may become seriously hurt or may even drown if these conditions are not fixed. Perhaps when Reedy Creek is dissolved the Florida government may force some kind of “safety update” but that will only help Walt Disney World.

Source: LA Times

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