Beverage Battle: Butterbeer vs Blue/Green Milk


One of my blogging colleagues periodically writes a “Food Fight” article. He compares similar types of food to determine which one offers better value and quality. In that same frame of mind, I present a beverage battle of the ages. Today, we pit the iconic beverage at the Wizarding World area at Universal Orlando against the signature beverage of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Before we make some comparisons, can you imagine the vast sums of money made between those two franchises?

Hot butterbeer seen in this photo 

Okay, we return from fantasy to reality. Starting with butterbeer, this drink creation draws long lines at Universal Orlando. In fact, this beverage draws long lines anywhere Wizarding World drinks may be found. This sugary-filled creation comes in standard cold, frozen, and hot varieties. Even though I prefer my butterbeer in ice cream form, the excellence of this themed beverage earns all the hype. Many people make a butterbeer stop early on during their vacation. Main criticisms of this beverage are two-fold: no plant-based version and very sugar-filled.

Over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests finally got to try a colorful blue or green milk from the Star Wars franchise lore.  The blue milk consists of a plant-based blend of coconut and rice milk with additional fruity flavors. Yet, the green milk consists of a plant-based blend of coconut and rice milk with more tropical lime type flavoring. We do know that when Mark Hamill tried it at Galaxy’s Edge, he said it tasted better than what they gave him for the original movie. This drink offers a refreshing taste. The guest reviews about this drink are mixed. Main criticisms of this beverage are also two-fold: odd texture and dislike of the general flavor.

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In this beverage battle, plant-based drinkers have only one choice, sorry. This criticism of butterbeer fails to be new with me. However, these two beverages cost basically the same amount at their respective theme parks. However, I offer one large difference that should solidify a winner in this beverage battle. Objectively, this should settle the matter. Above you should see a photo taken recently from Diagon Alley. On one side you see the butterbeer. Yet, on the other side you see an empty Blue/Green milk cup from Galaxy’s Edge. I knew the size difference was significant. However, I forgot how much difference in volume existed between these two beverages. Did I mention they both cost essentially the same? Also, I could cheat by mentioning I get a 15% discount with my Universal Orlando annual pass. No annual pass discount for the milk, sorry.

I will let you decide which beverage wins this battle. Choose wisely! As always, eat (or in this case, drink) like you mean it!

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