Best Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Treats at Magic Kingdom


Magic Kingdom is the original start to this Walt Disney World phenomenon. Currently, Magic Kingdom is a key spot to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World has blessed us with some incredible theme park food items to celebrate this 50th anniversary. A large percentage of the 50th anniversary food items reside at Magic Kingdom. Some of them are not great.

Today, this will be a listing of the better items at Magic Kingdom for the 50th event. So far, there are several good choices, but the focus will be on three medalists on our food quality podium.

The bronze medalist is the Tropical Serenade from Aloha Isle.


This is a very simple combination that fits Aloha Isle perfectly. If this treat lasted past March 2023, I would not be surprised. This is a combination of the legendary POG (passion fruit, orange, and guava) juice and coconut flavored soft serve. Just to add to the quality, a cake pop, pineapple flavor, adorns this treat. Menu descriptions declares this as a pineapple upside down cake pop.  The cake pop features quality flavor adding to this simple treat. This will cost you $6.99. You can do far worse for a refreshing treat in Magic Kingdom.

However, I think you might prefer another fairly simple treat.

The silver medalist, in this contest, is the Uncle Orville’s Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Sundae.

Guests acquire this option at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies for $16.99. Before you panic about that price, this is a large sundae made in a plastic bathtub shaped container to symbolize poor uncle Orville who may never be getting out of that bathtub. Now, some guests have gone looking for this treat only to be told they are out of the bathtubs. I was unaware of a national plastic bathtub shortage, but oh well! This sundae is chocolate/vanilla soft-serve, brownie pieces, hot fudge, whipped cream topped with red, white, and blue sprinkles served in the plastic bathtub.

Like the earlier treat, this is nothing complicated. However, every portion seems to work individually and all together. The portion size could be shared but also could be enjoyed by just one. This is Disney World. You can have dessert for lunch if you want, right? This brownie-style sundae is probably best one inside the Disney theme parks currently.

The gold medalist of Magic Kingdom 50th anniversary food items is the Monte Cristo from the Plaza Restaurant.

 Now this sandwich/dessert will cost you $18. Additionally, just so you can report your excellent diet choices, it comes with fries. This sandwich show care in prepartion and flavor. The ingredients are far better than you would expect inside the average places at Magic Kingdom. This treat has large potential to be messy so consider that in your choice. This “sandwich” is fried funnel cake batter, bacon, roasted turkey, and some provolone cheese. If that was not enough, “EARidescent” sugar and powdered sugar covers this creation. You also receive a side of strawberry jam to dip your combination of flavors. Now, this food item may sound scary. Almost most guests report a fabulous pleasurable food item.

As you celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, your hosts have provided many new food/beverage options. These will be some better choices in the overwhelming list of options. Go enjoy!

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