Best Seven Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Items For Your Sweet Tooth


This year marks the 31st Halloween Horror Nights event in Orlando, the notions of a traditional Halloween can be seen everywhere. The scare zones reflect it. The constant semi-hidden “Easter Eggs” of the number 31 adds to this. Of course, Halloween season easily will be associated with candy acquisition by children. The famous stories of children coming to school on November 1st still in sugar overload fill case study books. Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando offers many sweet treats for your sweet tooth. I will attempt to list my top suggestions in that category.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando

#1 Black Magic Milkshake from Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen

I get correctly accused of visiting Toothsome way too much. Every trip, someone in my group wants to get a reservation to eat here. As someone who writes about theme park food often, I tag along. In fact, I have three or four dining reviews to write about Toothsome once I finish all the spooky season articles.

The themed milkshake here contains pumpkin dulce de leche ice cream, Nutella and tombstone sprinkle rim. The milkshake also comes with gummy severed body parts over whipped topping flames. In fact, during one of my trips to Toothsome in September, people wanted to get this milkshake. Well, they just wanted these tasty gummies. Our server found a way to sell just the gummies. My group almost cheered out loud.

#2 “The Ether” Cookies and Cream Mousse from TODAY café

This spooky themed treat shows off what Universal Orlando does well. The cookies and cream mousse come coated with black mirror glaze. After that, these get decorated with a chocolate spider web. This variation of a decorative mousse by Universal Orlando works very well this year. The chocolate flavor tastes even better than it looks.

#3 Chucky Killer Cake Pop from San Francisco Pastry Company and Croissant Moon Bakery

All “Good Guys” fans should consider this sweet treat. This bright yellow cake pop features mocha and chocolate covered in buttercream frosting. If the chucky does not get you, the sugar might.

#4. High Gate Cemetery Marble Cake from the TODAY café

Each new season, Universal Orlando comes out with a well-designed cake. For spooky season, they upped their game a little. Okay, maybe my love of peanut butter and chocolate together gives this a higher grade from myself. This cake provides your sweet tooth with a chocolate swirl cake containing a caramel and peanut center. To top it off, the chocolate bats adorn the top. Originally, I was going to skip this cake for Halloween. However, when told the flavors, I gave it a try. Chocolate and peanut butter fans will love this cake.

#5 Ghost Treats from The Tribute Store

In the category of budget friendly, I suggest either of the two small ghost themed treats from the Tribute Store. You can choose between Ghost Smores or a Ghost Macarons. Both cost $5 or less. In terms of the macarons, I preferred the cookies and crème style. Yes, they are small sugar filled treats. However, if you just need a quick appeasing of your sweet tooth, these will do nicely.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

#6 Hallow’s Eve Caramel Apple Pop Tart from the TODAY Café

This Universal Style pop tart provides ample flavor for the apple and caramel fan. The texture of the pastry increases the flavor quality also. This pastry contains apple and dulce de leche flavor within a coffin shaped pastry. The pastry comes topped with sanding sugar and orange icing.

#7 Tombstone Red Velvet Cake Pop in Gramercy Park food tent

Of my suggestions, this cake pop makes only one to reside in exclusive Halloween Horror Nights food tents. As of time of writing, the food tents have been taken down due to Hurricane Ian. I assume that when Halloween Horror Nights season begins again after the hurricane, these will return to the same location. However, this spooky themed treat brings good flavor especially for your sweet tooth. This cake pop comes coated in buttercream. According to Universal Orlando, in addition, a bed of Oreo® cookie crumbs and white chocolate bones reside below this pop for guests’ enjoyment.

Halloween Horror Nights offers more quality sweet treats than can be listed. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied. As always, eat like you mean it!

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