Best Disney World Quick Service Pizza

Best Disney World quick service pizza

Walt Disney World has grown infamous for the quick service pizza. Guests continue to be amazed that Walt Disney World sells below-average pizza at most quick service locations. Where does a visitor find the best Disney World quick-service pizza and avoids the less desirable pizza at Walt Disney World?

Most people love pizza. Many Walt Disney World guests would like to find good-tasting pizza on the property. Nevertheless, the famous “puffy pizza” dominates the quick service pizza choices at Walt Disney World.

That pizza is okay. Still, for close to $13, adding tax for lousy pizza and a side does not sound like a great deal. However, some safe havens of decent quick service pizza exist on Walt Disney World property.

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza at Disney Springs

Best Disney World Quick Service Pizza This chain pizza restaurant shines in terms of quality on Walt Disney World property. We avoid chain restaurants on Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort properties. However, we understand why this place develops a line for pizza at Disney Springs.

Blaze Pizza provides guests with quality and speed of production. If you are unfamiliar with Blaze Pizza, this chain offers the pizza equivalent of a Subway or Chipotle restaurant. You walk down the pizza assembly line selecting what you want on your pizza. After that, the pizza goes into a quick-fire oven. Soon after that, you will have a high-quality pizza to enjoy.

The pizza prices start below $9 for one topping on an 11-inch pizza. Blaze also offers several gluten-free, vegan, and other dietary concern options. With over 40 different toppings and sauces to choose from, your entire group will be satisfied.

Connections Eatery

Connection Eatery at Epcot presents guests with standard-sounding theme park food. This quick service is newer at Epcot. With it being new comes better food. Connections Eatery has become a pleasant surprise for guests of Epcot since it opened.

Curry-spiced Pizza

The pizza quality served here exceeds most other pizza places inside the Walt Disney World theme parks. We enjoyed the plant-based Curry-spiced pizza when we reviewed it recently.

Pizza Al Taglio at Epcot

Though we would take the next option on our list of best Disney World quick service pizza over this one, many people love Pizza al Taglio. Pizza Al Taglio functions as the pizza window for Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria at Epcot. Though this differs from the pizza served at that table service location, this counter service option provides good pizza.

On the negative side, this pizza window only opens seasonally. According to cast members, Pizza Al Taglio opens about 180 days yearly. Still, this pizza window possesses die-hard fans that obsess about it. They love these Sicilian-style slices of pizza.

Pizza Ponte at Disney Springs

best Disney world quick service pizza

Pizza Ponte’s signature slice is called the Big Roman. That name looks apparent once you see the size of that pizza slice. These large slices will satisfy your hunger. The Patina Restaurant Group runs this counter-service pizza location. Patina runs several Italian table service dining locations on Walt Disney World property as well as Morimoto Asia, also in Disney Springs.

r Walt Disney World property, the price point of around $7 to $8 per slice offers some value. The cheese holds up nicely. The crust provides the right amount of crunch when you bite into it. This type of pizza makes a good choice for walking around Disney Springs as a snack. The combination of flavors with these pizza slices deserves some consideration.

Honorable Mentions of Best Disney World Quick Service Pizza

We want to mention two other places on Walt Disney World property that serve good pizza. One is Terra Treats at Animal Kingdom. We prefer the pizza from this stand over Pizzafari. Two, the best resort hotel quick service dining option, Prima Piatto at the Riviera Resort, provides guests with far better pizza than most quick-service options.

That concludes our best Disney World quick service pizza list. Let us know what other food list you want us to make. As always, eat like you mean it!

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