Best 50th Anniversary Food Items at Epcot

As we continue to enjoy the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, the food created for this must be explored more. Epcot theme park famously offers an incredible variety of food options normally. Epcot showcases numerous creative and appetizing 50th anniversary food options. For this list of bests, the number of the day is four. More importantly, most of these exist in the same counter service location.

First, we must include Remy “Cheese” Cake which can be found at Sunshine Seasons food court area.

This treat functions as a standard cheesecake in terms of flavor. The cake base matches a more traditional yellow cake in texture though. As you might imagine, this “cheese” cake honors the opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. The cake does have a bit of lemon flavor that some guests did not appreciate. The cake costs $5.49. This cake wins for cutest dessert which is primary reasons it snuck on the list.

Continuing the trend of lemon and Sunshine Season, the 50th anniversary brings us a Lemon Chiffon Cake.


This cost $5.49 like Remy’s cake. Yes, the cake is found at Sunshine Seasons as well. The lemon flavor screams being real as opposed to artificial. The light texture overall matches well with the flavors. This cake helps not hinders your theme park day since it is not overly heavy. The mousse lacks something to make this treat a superstar. However, a solid theme park for that price deserves a look.

Since we are not allowed to leave Sunshine Seasons yet, the next best food item is the Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake.

My parent prepared actual Bundt cakes often. I enjoy the flavor of Bundt cake. However, my parents did not prepare it like this one. The cake is covered in chocolate ganache, the “EARidescent” sugar, and sprinkles. Have I mentioned my obsession with sprinkles? I should see a specialist about that.  If that is not enough however, one of the 50th anniversary chocolates adorn the top also of this cake. The cake functions well between being too dry and not undercooked. The chocolate flavors work well and taste great. If you are going to spend $5.49 at Sunshine Seasons, this treat should be at top of your list.

Nevertheless, those treats do not compare to the best one. At Le Cellier in Canada area of World Showcase, you find a stellar Chocolate Caramel Bar.

Menu describes this as “dark chocolate mousse, caramel cookie pieces, milk chocolate shell, and chocolate shortbread cookie.” This decadent dessert costs $13. Now, that may be more than you want to pay for dessert at EPCOT. Still, the presentation is incredible. The flavors are impressive. Moreover, the different textures work well with this treat. My personal advice cautions anyone from eating this alone. The portion size will not overwhelm a single person. Yet, the rich chocolate all together might!

Though I have concerns that all these best suggestions are filled with sugar, they win easily. If you want to take on this sugary challenge, this could be a new way to dine around EPCOT. Did I mention the chocolate pinata-like pyramid in the Mexico pavilion? Guess, I did not. That will have to wait for another article.

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