Before Jane Foster There Was Tarene Olson AKA “Thor Girl”


With the new film Thor: Love and Thunder releasing soon many have been talking about Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster as she now has the powers of Thor via Mjölnir. The character took up the hammer in 2015 in Marvel Comic’s The Mighty Thor series.

However ever since this many have overlooked one character that has existed since the 2000s that fit a similar criteria. That character is Tarene Olson aka “Thor Girl”.

Originally debuting in Thor vol. 2 #22 in April on 2000, Tarene was born on an unnamed planet that was destroyed by Thanos (later revealed to be a clone). Seeking revenge she joins Thor in defeating the mad titan. Afterwards she becomes an Asguardian and takes up the name “Thor Girl”. She decided to love on earth under the name Tara Olson and aids Thor on various battles will villains like Loki, Gladiator and Nullitor.

Tarene has a terrible secret however, millions of years ago the alien sorcerer X’Hoss predicted the creation of the Designate, a being that evolves to the next level of existence. It is her eventual destiny to become this being.

Tarene appears in a number of Marvel events such as Civil War, The Initiative, The Secret Invasion and Fear Itself. She had multiple encounters with the Avengers and became of of the first Camp Hammound recruits alongside Bengal, Cloud 9, Slapstick, Trauma, Armory, Rage and Komodo.

The last time we saw her in the comics she entered her Designate form during Fear Itself. She deemed humanity too flawed to be worthy of ascending to a higher plane of existence and fled to space where she has remained since.

Beyond that she did have a cameo appearance in the Lego Marvel’s Avengers video game.

It is a shame that we never got to see her in any more adventures beyond that. Since then many people have forgotten about her, now whenever you hear the term “Female Thor” you usually think of Jane Foster. But little do people know she was the second to hold that title. 

What do you think? Would you like to see Tarene Olson return to the universe of Marvel Comics? 

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