Beef Coxinha at Universal Orlando Mardi Gras


Ah, the La Bamba area of Universal Studios Florida has become a very specialized place. This area often gets used for media events. Daily VIP tour purchasers often visit here for part of their tour. Even Halloween Horror Nights RIP tour participants visit here for snacks, beverages, and a buffet. Usually during seasonal events featuring food such as Mardi Gras, a food/beverage kiosk provides options for guests. For 2022 Mardi Gras, that pattern continues. The La Bamba window offers three variations of what Universal Orlando calls coxinhas. The chicken and dessert variety ones are shaped like tear drops.

The “Beef Coxinha” comes in a pastry type shape. The beef coxinha costs $5.49 making a solid value. The menu description reads “tender beef filled crispy rissole.” The term rissole confused me since I associate that with SE Asian food. Still, I understand based on the shape selection of this name for the description. For record, this version of a coxinha for 2022 Mardi Gras tasted best to me of options offered.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

On the negative side, this coxinha struggles with the same sodium issue as the chicken version. Like the chicken version, the sodium level should alarm certain diets.

All versions of coxinhas offered.
Photo credit: Kimmie Caputzal

Having said that, the beef coxinhas pastry shell provides a solid structure. The seasoning of the pastry shell works well with this beef filling. From my experience, the lightly fried pastry shell provides a safe place for the beef. This crispy shell enhances the beef. The beef inside avoids the common issue of becoming dry. The seasoning tasted different than the chicken coxinhas also served here. The portion size of meat and product overall rates high for this price point. If you were eligible for all possible discounts, then this coxinha makes great value. Also, the peppers within the coxinha even enhanced the flavor of beef. As you can tell, I thought this Mardi Gras food item merits your time.

I do not think this qualifies as a meal. Still, if you get this and another item at this food tent, then you have a good start to a full meal. As always, eat like you mean it!

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