Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic Donald Duck Action Figure is Certainly Surly


Beast Kingdom is adding more Disney characters to their DAH line. Last month it was Grogu and The Mandalorian. Now it’s Donald Duck!

At just over 6″ tall, this naval fowl comes with interchangeable hands, eyes, and head. Not content with the happy Donald? Swap his head out with the one that is screaming unintelligible expletives!

Donald also comes with a fabric naval rig and bowtie but no closed fists. I guess Donald can get screaming mad, but he isn’t going to threaten anyone with fisticuffs.

He is joining other anthropomorphic waterfowl in the line. Previously, Beast Kingdom had released Darkwing Duck and Uncle Scrooge. Now, where are Huey, Dewey, and Louie? Also, why isn’t Launchpad McQuack getting any love? The original, I mean.


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Disney | Dynamic

A staple of Disney’s famous line-up, Donald Duck has been in some of the most cherished stories in television, print and cinematic history! Beast Kingdom is proud to introduce the DAH-042-Classic Donald Duck action figure from the Dynamic 8ction Heroes line! Get ready for a highly articulated figure with detailed design and a real fabric costume. Accurate design and paint work showcase Donalds snow-white body and orange beak, and he includes a replaceable head, beaks and hands all allowing for the ultimate in customization! Donald stands slightly over 6 1/4-inches tall. Want to show off an angry Donald, or maybe a happy duck clasping his hands with joy? The sky is the limit with the DAH-042 figure!

Dynamic’s Donald Duck will be out in April 2022. Click here to pre-order. The surly sailor will set you back $71.99.

What other Disney characters do you want to see make an appearance in this line? More from the Disney Afternoon line? Or others like Roger Rabbit and toon Judge Doom? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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