Baby Yoda “The Child” Cookie Cutter Baking Hack Is Taking the Internet By Storm


Would you like to make a Baby Yoda cookie? Come on I know you do…..

There is a new ‘hack’ taking the internet by storm. Turn your angel cookie cutter into a Baby Yoda cookie cutter by cutting it’s head off.

Kind of seems anti-Christmas to me but people are sharing it all over!

I have seen it several places, but for this article I’m going to use the examples out on Imgur.

Apparently you decapitate an angel cookie cutter and then you get this basic shape:

Then you add the royal icing outlines:

And finally finish the icing and decorations:

If you don’t want to behead an angel, you can go out on the internet and search. There are already Baby Yoda cookie cutters out there.

Or you could cut out the angel shape and cut off the dough head and re-roll and use again.

But in a pinch this will make a very passable and cute Baby Yoda or The Child or whatever name you want to give him.  Personally I like Bubba.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: Imgur,

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