Baby Yoda, Move Over… Here Comes Baby Jabba the Hutt?!

Baby Yoda might get a run for his credits in the form of Baby Jabba!

Baby Yoda might get a run for his credits, thanks to this amazing Star Wars fan art. A 3D artist named Leonardo Viti has seemingly taken social media by storm with… Baby Jabba?!

The post apparently gained traction Sunday night when X-Men: Apocalypse actress Olivia Munn shared it.

While it’s kinda cute… in a creepy sort of way… he somehow reminds me more of Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs than Jabba the Hutt.

Now, Star Wars fans will know that this “Baby Jabba” isn’t the first attempt at a baby Hutt. In fact, Rotta the Hutt is Jabba’s son in The Clone Wars cartoon series, and is technically canon.

Still, this Baby Jabba is cuter than an actual baby Hutt likely would be. But despite the unexpected and insane popularity of Baby Yoda, I don’t think The Mandalorian needs any more “younglings.”

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