Baby Yoda Merchandise Added to ShopDisney and Other Retailers


Good news if you are a Baby Yoda “The Child” fan!  Shop Disney now has merchandise available online! But here’s the thing, it’s all the same image.

They keep saying they didn’t have merchandise to keep the character secret, but if that was the case, why does it all feel like it was rushed and it looks like what you would find on one of those press and go t-shirt sites?

But it’s still better than nothing right? I just feel that for Disney and Lucasfilm it’s a very big disappointment in quality. If it didn’t feel like it was one giant cash grab before this didn’t do it any favors.

You can purchase these items if you visit the ShopDisney Store.

Boxlunch also has some t-shirts available and you guessed it. The same image!

Amazon as well, and it’s the same image too, but theirs are done on black t-shirts so it isn’t the same….they’re darker.

It is what it is. I’m glad there is finally something out, but I’m very disappointed in Disney with what they put out. The bootleg merchandise is far better and that’s saying something.

I’m going to hold out for better. I’m sure there will be really nice items, that reflect the quality one would expect from Disney and Lucasfilm, eventually.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!



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