Avengers Adds Swimsuit Costumes For Thor, Black Widow & Iron Man


The 2020 online Avengers game developed by Crystal Dynamics and Published by Square Enix was considered a massive disappointment. Bot for fans and for the company. The lack of single player content, an underdeveloped story, lack of character variety and egregious focus on live service elements made it a massive failure. So much so that the sales for the arguably superior follow-up based on Guardians of the Galaxy were greatly affected. 

Video courtesy of AngryJoeShow on Youtube (WARNING: Contains Profanity)

Ever since the game’s release they have slowly added new content. Much of the port-release content was either delayed or pushed back due to post launch bug fixes and balancing taking up a lot of man power. Multiple skins/cosmetics and a handful of characters have joined the fight. But besides fighting waves of NPC enemies without expansing on the single player story leaves much to be desired. 

There was even some controversy over the Spider-Man DLC being exclusive to SONY platforms, meaning Xbox and PC players were left in the dust.

The latest batch of DLC costumes for the game has just been announced, and I can’t tell if it’s either funny or sad.

The pack includes three costumes for Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. The common theme? Swimsuits.

Many of these swimsuits seem very fan-servicey, especially Black Widow’s.

Black Widow’s outfit is set to release within the next few weeks with Thor and Iron Man to follow soon afterwards.

Though most likely meant to fit a specific theme this does somewhat feel like an attempt to get some eyes on the game by throwing some of their characters in sexy outfits.

Nevertheless, the game’s player base is pretty non existent at this point. And with Crystal Dynamics recently being sold to The Embracer Group they most likely will be moving on to a new project in the near future.

What do you think? Do you like these sexy swimsuit outfit? Or will you just play Elden Ring instead?

Source: comicbook.com

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