Attention Parents! Outschool Offering Disney STEAM, History, Art, and Other Online Classes


Right now a lot of schools have been shut down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and parents are now looking for supplemental lessons and projects. Outschool is offering classes in Disney STEAM, Disney History, Disney Art, and more.

STEAM for those that don’t know, is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. People are often used to hearing STEM but not STEAM. But the extra “A” stands for art and frankly art is very important to the other four subjects. Not that I’m biased as an art teacher or anything, but art is key to thinking in new ways and I can promise you the arts go hand-in-hand with the other subjects.

Outschool is offering a bunch of Disney based classes you can sign your student up for.

STEAM: Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a class “To explore ways in which each STEAM specialty is represented in Disney’s Animal Kingdom through virtual field trips and interactive mini-projects. We will cover a new topic in each lesson, including: Hidden Mickeys, track switches on roller coasters, estimating heights using triangles, X-Rays and animal conservation, and phosphorescence in Pandora. Students will interact with each other and myself by posting in the discussion boards and sharing photos and videos of their mini-projects. Feedback (and if requested, grades) will be given for all submitted assignments.”

This teacher also offers a class on The Magic Kingdom which focuses on exploring”.. ways in which each STEAM specialty is represented in the Magic Kingdom through virtual field trips and interactive mini-projects. There will be five lessons including: holograms, mosaics, animatronics, QR codes, and forced perspective.

There is a STEAM class for EPCOT. This one focuses on exploring “ways in which each STEAM specialty is represented in EPCOT through virtual field trips and interactive mini-projects. There will be five lessons including: undersea creatures, circlevision videos and photos, aerodynamics and stability, geodesic polyhedrons, and how fine art and music can complement one another.

There’s a class that focuses on Mary Blair that is for one lesson “In this class, learners will discover Mary Blair and understand how she contributed to familiar Disney movies and the very popular ‘It’s a Small World’ ride in the Disney Parks! We will talk about how she became one of the most beloved Disney artists and look at her work. The learners will be encouraged to share what the like about her style and use of color. After our discussion, we will create our very own Mary Blair inspired painting! I will first teach about elements of art such as line, shape and color. Then, together, we will begin our painting which will start with a guided drawing, and conclude with each learner adding their own unique touch to their work.

There are so many options. Classes about Disney history, classes about princesses, stories, etc. All of this is done with a flexible schedule environment, where teachers work with students via pre-recorded videos and messages. If your student has done online classes or cyberschool it’s seems similar to that.

The classes are based on age ranges, and you can schedule which slot you want.

Here’s an example from the STEAM-Animal Kingdom offering:

It’s all very flexible and extremely interesting. I highly recommend you check it out and I personally will be signing up my kids for a a class or two.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Outschool

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