As Disney Begins Labeling Their Own Content Racist, Remember Walt Is Next

ABOVE: Walt Disney testifying against alleged Communists at the House Un-American Committee, 1947.

A couple of days ago, I talked about how there were voices inside and outside of the Walt Disney Company who were actively seeking to take down various parts of Disney’s heritage. In that article, I discussed how Disney is damaging itself by claiming that the first movie to feature an African American Academy Award winning male actor was inherently racist (Song of the South) and how that it inadvertently – or purposefully – means that the man who created a racist movie was racist himself. That man is Walt Disney.

Disney Strikes Multiple Classics from Disney+ for Racism

Now, more of that damage is continuing. Disney has recently made moves to not only label their own content as racist – Dumbo, Aristocats, Peter Pan, and Swiss Family Robinson – but they’re going so far as striking that content from their catalogs for children under the age of seven. Clearly children who have reached eight years of age are able to peer into the unbridled racism of Walt Disney without being affected, but a two year old might watch Dumbo and correlate animated crows with a desire to disparage people groups. Yes, Disney is acting this stupidly.

But it’s really not about what you think it is. Where this is going is that Disney needs to strip itself of some of the things that would slow down its company going forward. How does it make sense for Disney to get rid of classic movies like Dumbo, like Peter Pan, etc, from the majority of children’s account around the world? Well, they need to get rid of Walt.

You might think that’s crazy. I’ll bet if I had told you what Disney would be like in 2021 all the way back in 2011, you would have said “no way”. But guess what? Times, they are a changin’.

The Walt Disney Company needs to get rid of Walt because Walt slows down their push into the Chinese market. Seriously, stick with me and I’ll explain. You see, Walt Disney was as patriotic and pro-America as they come… and he’s on video calling out communism as anti-American. Where is Disney’s biggest market, and the one country that can dramatically raise or lower Disney’s stock value? Communist China. And Communist China does not care one bit for Walt, or Roy, or any of the Disney legends that are on video denouncing their very way of existence. Walt is antithetical to everything Xi Jinping.

But how do you get rid of Walt? Walt’s the whole thing, right? He’s the one who made the mouse. And certainly not everyone behind the scenes is privy or on board with the concept of Walt being a bad guy. Still, there’s a concerted effort brewing, and that effort is to besmirch the man who founded the company. Sully him enough, cover the deceased genius with enough filth, and you can justify shuffling off his legacy down the road. It won’t be this year, it probably won’t be next year. But Walt’s gotta go to get into China truly.

So yes, today it’s Splash Mountain being stripped of its African American slave folklore legacy. Tomorrow maybe it will be tearing down the Hall of Presidents. Today it’s restricting children from watching Peter Pan, Dumbo, and more. Tomorrow what’s stopping them from deciding to change those iconic rides in the parks because they’re based on horrible works that promoted deranged stereotypes? That’s what they did with Splash Mountain, and I see no difference in that and Peter Pan. Do you? And then if that happens, and we keep going down this path (isn’t Cinderella just a film about the continuance of the patriarchy and subservience of women?), how long until all these horrible films begin to make you think the person who made them was just as horrible?

It doesn’t make much sense for a company to start claiming its founder produced racist material. Especially not when you can just logically identify that there’s significantly more nuance to history than just blanket condemnations. But it makes a lot of sense for a company – that celebrates governments using concentration camps – to do whatever it takes to get in the most fertile market in the world. But to fully get into China, you gotta ditch Walt.

So you think I’m making this up? You think that this seems far-fetched? Well, why would the company that cozies up with genocidal, slavery-endorsing communist regimes suddenly have the impetus to do anything moral? These people don’t have scruples. If this were at all about the movies being tarnished by scenes that are no longer acceptable, they’d just remove the scenes or alter them. They’ve done that before. The fact that they’re carte blanche labeling their own heritage, their own classics, as racist and unworthy of viewing by children… well, they know what they’re doing even if the general public doesn’t quite yet.

Got that China Ambassadorship yet, Iger?

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