‘Armor Wars’ Reportedly Being Turned Into ‘Iron Man 4’


Earlier this month at the D23 Expo Marvel Studios revealed a large amount of new details of the MCU going forward. We learned more details on the ‘Multiverse Saga’, we learned the titles for a number of upcoming films and shows and we even learned when we will see the Avengers come together again.

Two upcoming Disney Plus series include Iron Heart and Armor Wars, two series centered around the armor introduced in the Iron Man series of films. With Tony Stark now gone it will be up to his best friend James Rhodes aka War Machine (Played By: Don Cheadel) and a young prodigy named Riri Williams aka Iron Heart (Played By: Dominique Thorne) to take up the mantel.

But it appears that some of those plans may have already been altered. According to the Hollywood Reporter the Armor War series has been reworked from a 6 episode mini series into a 4th installment of the Iron Man series. The film would see Don Cheadel’s War Machine become the new Iron Man. Similar to how Anthony Mackie’s Falcon became the next Captain America.

Something like this isn’t unheard of as the MCU’s plans have been altered before. Phase 3 saw a number of additions and subtractions with the planned Inhumans film being reworked into a tv series (that was quickly canceled) and the additions of a second Ant-Man film and the first two Tom Holland Spider-Man films.

This change does suggest some production problems at Marvel as the Blade film has also had a number of changes and switch ups. If this becomes a continuing trend the future of the MCU conveyer belt may be at risk.

However most die-hard Marvel fans will not easily accept this as many see Robert Downy Jr. and the one and only Iron Man.

It would be difficult to see War Machine, Iron Heart or even Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts aka Rescue to take his place.

How do you feel about this? Would you welcome Don Cheadle as the new Iron Man?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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