Tron Fans Want an Arcade1Up Tron Home Arcade Cabinet NOW.

Image Credit: Disney

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Fans of Disney’s Tron really want to be able to experience the classic 1980s Tron arcade games at home courtesy of Arcade1Up. A newly reported “leak” posted on an Arcade1Up Facebook fan page is stirring up rumors of the much sought-after cabinet again, though there has been no official word from Arcade1Up or Disney just yet.

Image credit: Arcade 1Up Global Fan Page

The image is purportedly from an Arcade1Up catalog, and you can see a bit of the upcoming X-Men arcade machine next to it.

Commenters on the image are doubtful of its authenticity, but Tron has been a much desired machine for quite some time. In fact, some fans have taken to creating entire Twitter accounts dedicated to pushing Arcade1Up into making the cabinet a reality.

Others have modded existing Arcade1Up cabinets into a Tron cabinet…

Image: reddit

Despite persistent rumors, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete proof that a Tron home arcade cabinet is on the way.

Curiously, fans who want the cabinet often point out there were only two Tron arcade games — Tron (1982) and Discs of Tron (1983). It’s being suggested that Arcade1Up throw in a third title — a playable version of Space Paranoids.

Space Paranoids was the game that Flynn created in the original movie, and a fully realized version was created for the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con to promote the release of Tron: Legacy. It was later moved to Disney’s California Adventure for a brief time. For home users, it was available at the “Encom” website here.


With the Tron coaster coming to Walt Disney World in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future, it’s possible that Disney might be looking to cash in some Tron nostalgia while reigniting interest in the IP outside of theme parks.

An Arcade1Up Tron cabinet would seem like an easy sell to Tron fans and retro gamers.

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