Antojitos Offers More Than Standard Mexican Food


As a huge fan of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, certain menu items appear on almost all menus of this style. When most people think of Mexican food, they think tacos, burritos, and enchiladas for example. I enjoy those types of fare. Those items usually feature beef, chicken, and pork. An occasional seafood or vegetarian options may be thrown in the mix also. Though the original menu contains some far more creative Mexican cuisine, there still exists some quality unique items.

First example, Antojitos offers “Esquites” on the appetizer menu. This gluten free and vegan corn-based dip offers quality flavor. The Antojitos version contains roasted corn, jalapeño mayonnaise, cotija cheese, ancho spice, and cilantro. Here, tortilla chips serve as vehicle to dip in the esquites.

Another non-traditional quality option at Antojitos appears in the main entrée section of the menu. The Mar Y Tierra combines short rib and grilled shrimp on one menu item. Though this item has a price point over $25, the quality earns that price. This creative surf and turf dish even offers a tamale, chorizo, and queso to create a spice adventure.

Antojitos also offers a Mexican Budin. However, this version compares more to a Pollo Budin. This creamy combination of layered corn tortillas provides a hearty meal. I ordered this once to to-go. The horrible photos I took would not do it justice, but the taste quality measured up well. I found this version of Mexican food pleasing. If you dislike corn tortillas, you should skip this one.

The menu description reads “layered corn tortillas, chicken tinga, roasted corn, poblano peppers, menonita cheese, and ranchera sauce.” For only $15.95, this option provides solid value outside normal Mexican food expectations.

Last on list today, we find cactus. Yes, you read that correctly…cactus. These grilled “napoles” provide base for a choice of the street tacos. These non-traditional vegan tacos provide decent flavor. If you have ever had napoles before, you know if overcooked they become slimy. These napoles taste fresh and well prepared. Like all the street tacos at Antojitos, they come with tortillas, rice and beans. These currently cost $14.95.

If looking for a more adventurous Mexican meal, Antojitos delivers some robust options. If you want a taste adventure, make a stop here on your next trip to Universal Orlando.

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