Anthony Mackie Who Plays Falcon In The MCU Is a Huge ‘Star Wars’ Boba Fett Fan!

Anthony Mackie Showing a Boba Fett helmet signed by Jeremy Bullock

It turns out that Anthony Mackie, the actor that plays Falcon in the MCU, is a huge Boba Fett fan!

While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden Mackie shared that he wanted to be cast as Boba Fett and wasn’t. However he had met the late Jeremy Bullock and he has a signed Boba Fett replica helmet.

Here’s what he said about the character and Jeremy Bullock:

So, true story. I met a guy who I idolized as a kid, and I wanted to be this character my entire career.

When they recently made a show about him, I told my manager-

‘If I’m not cast as that character, I will never talk to you again, you’ll be eating pork and beans in West Hollywood.’

I wasn’t cast as that character.

So I met this actor named Jimmy, and Jimmy Bullock was the original Boba Fett. I have an autographed helmet,…. autographed helmet by Jimmy himself, as Boba Fett. How cool is that?”

That is very cool Mr. Mackie! Very cool indeed!

I really appreciated his dedication to protecting the signed helmet. It’s in a case and he said it doesn’t come out of the case!

Take a look!

But that’s not all. Mackie also has his motorcycle helmet painted to look like the bounty hunter.

“My motorcycle helmet. I got my make-up artist in Cincinnati to paint it. I should go get it?”  Then he runs to get it.

Then he shows off the amazing helmet that his make-up artist painted for him when he was filming “Point Blank” in Cincinnati, OH.

That is really cool!

I have to say that as a classic ‘Star Wars’ fan, I’m so excited to see all these actors and actresses showing love to Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker and classic ‘Star Wars’ characters like Boba Fett.  It’s very uplifting after all the animosity that’s been thrown at the classic characters, movies and classic fans in the past few years.

It kind of made my day.

Soon you will be able to see Anthony Mackie as Falcon when he and Sebastian Stan star in “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” coming to Disney+ on March 19, 2021.

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Source: The Late Night Show With James Corden YouTube, A friend.

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