Another Kite Gets Stuck At Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Disney has a new kite show at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom called Disney Kitetails. This new show debuted on October 1, 2021, and it’s not been smooth sailing or flying since it began.

We had kites get ripped and crash into trees not long after the show debuted. There have been many more incidents since and they have even come down in audience areas (no one has been hurt to my knowledge.)

As cool and pretty as the show is Disney even started giving a warning at the beginning of the show in November:

You will see some of your favorite ‘Lion King’ friends soar like never before. And, as you all know, what goes up must come down. So, you will see them landing in plain sight — both in the water and in the designated landing zone in the adjacent seating area. If they take a tumble, don’t worry! That’s all part of the fun.”

Now it appears another kite has gotten stuck in a tree.

Honestly, I debated covering it because it is even “news” anymore? “Oh look, another Kitetails piece is stuck….again.”

I thought what the heck. I have a few minutes and this stuff fascinates park fans so here we go.

Twitter user @ThatDisneyBoi posted that Zazu crashed into a tree today.


He even documented the whole incident including getting it out of the tree.


The show is a neat idea in theory, but it seems to be a bit unpredictable in practice. I can’t imagine how the performers even attempt to control these things while riding around on jet skis. I guess it’s one way to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Maybe removing Rivers of Light wasn’t the best idea?

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: A Friend (thanks for sending it to me)

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