Annual Passholder Reservation System Coming Soon- Available Dates Vary By Type of Pass


Walt Disney World is going to be releasing their reservation system soon. When the parks reopen on July 11th and 15th, you will be required to have a reservation to gain entry into the parks.

Ahead of this Disney has made some changes to the Annual Passholder calendar. Reservation required is now green on the calendar and gray means unavailable.

What’s interesting is that the higher the tier on AP the more options you seem to have. But for the most part, Gold on up seem to have full access to the reservations dates.

Admission Calendar

Select a pass to see which days you can visit with a park reservation. Our reservation system will be launching soon—please check back to see if your desired date and park are available.

Let’s Take a Look!

As you can see green is available with reservation and gray means unavailable. Let’s take a look at the different tiers to see the changes.

EPCOT after 4 still has access as it’s only one park and after 4PM

Weekday Select is completely blocked out until August, then seems to be pretty standard after that.

Theme Park Select is all over the place depending on which park you choose. Animal Kingdom has a lot of availability. Magic Kingdom is very available from August on, with Saturdays blocked out. EPCOT also has a lot of availability, but August has a bit more blocked out days. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a lot of blocked out dates.

Silver seems to have a lot of availability too. July is out and the first week of August, but after that there’s more availability. 

Gold starts having availability in June, which even with previews, shouldn’t be until later on. 

Platinum, which is what we have, is showing full availability as well. Platinum Plus is showing pretty much the same.

So it does seem that AP holders will be allowed to use their passes during the next few months. Many passes aren’t showing much of a difference.

Of course you have to get a reservation and that’s where I’m much more concerned.

If they limit capacity how much of that capacity will be alloted to Annual Passholders and how much will be reserved for those purchasing the tickets? Disney likely makes more money on the tickets.

Since a lot of locals have passes as well, I’m wondering if Annual Passholders will be able to get access when they want it. Which was the point of having the AP to begin with and why many buy them if they visit more often. The cost is cheaper, but Disney knows that too. They have a lot of money to make up.

The word is that some AP holders will be able to do park previews before they open to the general public. Keep your eyes out for that.

We will report more on the reservation system when it becomes available.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Walt Disney World, A friend




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