Andrew Taylor-Johnson Gives Details On Playing Kraven The Hunter


With SONY expanding their Spider-Man shared universe, actor Andrew Taylor-Johnson gave some new details when it comes to playing the titular apex predator Kraven the Hunter. The production of the film has been somewhat secretive as of late, most likely due to SONY wanting people to focus on the upcoming Morbius film before moving on to other projects like Kraven or Madame Web.

Recently Taylor-Johnson sat down with Andrew Garfield for a discussion with Hero Magazine. The actor opened up about the current production on the Kraven film:

I’m in England, I’m not in London but just outside, close to the production office for Kraven the Hunter. I’m staying here because I’ve got a bunch of stunt training to do for this movie, so the director and I are bunking up for the next couple of weeks.

When on the topic of how Garfield physically prepared for the role of Spider-Man for the 2012 reboot series The Amazing Spider-Man Taylor-Johnson talked about some of the physical aspects of his upcoming role and the Hurdles he went through:

You do come at it from another angle, which is back-to-front for me. It’s like you’re coming at it from the physical aspect, because that’s what you can see from a comic book. You go, ‘Oh, he looks like that, so I have to look like that.’ You see that and then you start to backtrack and dig deeper, and go, ‘This is where he originates from, then he has this relationship and that relationship’ You just hope that you’re going to portray something that you can bring to life. There is, again, room for an interpretation and you want to be able to bring something and let it pop off the page. It’s another new challenge, we talk about putting yourself under pressure all the time. I don’t step away from controversial s**t. I don’t know what it is. But, I’m always drawn to the thing that might actually give me a f*****g stroke!

The actor seems to be taking the role very differently compared to his previous Marvel role of Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hopefully all his hard work pays off when we finally see Kraven in action.

Are you looking forward to seeing Kraven on the big screen?

Source: The Direct 

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