Akershus Is Now a Corporate Lounge- Princess Character Dining May Not Return

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WDWNT is reporting that Akershus, in the Norway Pavilion, is now a Florida Blue Corporate Lounge.  Before the pandemic Akershus was a popular princess character dining spot. Unlike Cinderella’s Royal Table, it was not a signature experience. The prices were lower and many enjoyed it because it gave them quick access to Frozen Ever After.

(Photo Credit: WDWNT)

During the pandemic it was used as one of the rest areas where you could take a break and remove your mask.

As dining returned it did not and now signs have been put up marking the spot as a corporate lounge.

We thought that perhaps it was being rented for an event, as they do rent out various locations in the parks. However WDWNT asked Cast Members about the change and if princess dining would be returning.

Here’s what they said:

When we stopped to ask a Cast Member what was the plan for the restaurant, we were informed that the banquet hall is being turned into a company lounge. The Cast Member wasn’t hopeful about princess dining returning at any point, and another Cast Member agreed that the switch exclusively to a company lounge would mean the end of character dining.

Of course it’s just speculation as nothing official has been announced but it does seem likely that this is the case.

But Florida Blue had signed on last year to be a big Disney Sponsor. Getting a special lounge isn’t anything new for corporate sponsors.

Why would Disney do this?

I have two theories about why Disney would remove this popular character dining option. Just closing a popular restaurant for a corporate lounge doesn’t make sense all by itself.

  1. It was the much more affordable princess dining option. Cinderella’s Royal Table is considered “Signature” and costs a lot more.
  2. People would book for breakfast to gain access to the ‘Frozen Ever After’ attraction. With the Genie App and paid access coming this Fall, Disney likely wants people to pay them for the priveledge of riding the incredibly popular attraction. If people already are there they would avoid the lines and they might miss a few extra dollars.

Of course those are just my theories and it could be for completely different reasons, but with money being Disney’s goal lately, these reasons fit.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: All credit to WDWNT

Featured image: WDWKingdom

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