Ahmed Best Celebrates Getting His Blue Check on Twitter


Yesterday the new Star Wars game show for kids called the Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge launched the first two episodes on Star Wars Kids. Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best is hosting the show as a new character, Jedi Master Kelleran Beq.

For Best, yesterday was a day that launched his new show and the day he finally got his blue check on Twitter. I want to know why he wasn’t given the blue check before that! He was a known actor in the Star Wars universe and fandom. Why wasn’t he given the blue check sooner? This isn’t like he was just in something and it took a couple of years, we’re talking pre-Twitter to now!

I’m happy he finally got it. And so is he. Here’s his post on Twitter about his deserved blue check!


Ahmed Best is back and he’s very happy to be back with his favorite fans according to an interview on StarWars.com:

“It’s always been kids who have been my favorite Star Wars fans, and to be able to give back to kids is something special.”

As a mom and a teacher, his comments on when the kids don’t win hit home. I think we’ve all been there ourselves or watched people we love be there.

One of the biggest challenges was when the contestants didn’t win. They made it all the way to the end and then they didn’t capture the kyber crystal and they couldn’t get their lightsabers. You really want everybody to succeed and you really want everyone to be able to hold their lightsaber up at the end of the game, but not everyone’s going to do that. Each time, he tried to find the right words “so it wouldn’t feel like a disappointing moment. You could feel the start of something great, the beginning of a new way to look at training. And I hope that’s what kids take away from this game. I hope they look at this game and say, ‘Finally, we get to see what it takes to become a Jedi and if you don’t make it that’s OK, too. You just have to keep working at it.

Best didn’t even think he would get another chance in the world of Star Wars:

I never thought that I would be asked back, to be honest. I was very pleasantly surprised. What really made me say yes was the fact that this was breaking new ground in the Star Wars universe…. I think what’s the most important about the representation of someone like Kelleran Beq as far as being a person of color and the leader of this Temple — kind of like the Dean of Jedi — is it breaks down what’s possible. It breaks down what you can do, and creates just a brand new world of possibilities out there.

I’m really glad he finally got his blue check and I’m really glad that we have Ahmed Best back in Star Wars.

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Source: StarWars.com, Twitter

Featured Image: StarWars.com

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