OPINION: After Disney Thanked China for Mulan, CEO Bob Chapek Publicly Condemns Capitol Protests


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What a day.

CEO Bob Chapek, who runs an entertainment company started by patriot and all-around American hero Walt Disney, has now come out and made a public statement on Twitter about the protest / riot at the US Capitol yesterday.

Chapek has claimed that it was as sad and tragic moment unlike any in US history… which begs the question of whether or not Chapek knows much about US history and the Civil War.

Chapek further indicated he is thankful that the democratic process continued (as if that was ever in question), and thus Joe Biden is president. Read the following tweet:

Now this is coming on the heels of ABC Political Director Rick Klein (ABC being owned by Disney) declaring that Trump supporters need to be “cleansed”. That article has since been “cleansed” itself of such verbage, considering it could be construed as to mean some sort of genocidal or other violent action against relatively half the country.

Bob Chapek has yet to comment on his employee stating that nearly half the country be “cleansed”.

This also comes on the heels of Disney not only thanking China, but in fact thanking the very local governments in China that run concentration camps and practice slave labor in the millions:

As I said yesterday, this is not a political website and I am not a political writer. I am not a partisan person, nor am I affiliated with any political party. But this stuff needs to stop.

Whatever position you hold on the protests, the election, congress, ballot integrity, etc, I think most people agree that violence is not something we want to see. But we also do not want to see corporations endorse riots with billions of dollars of damage, endorse Chinese entities that enslave human beings and murder them in the millions because of their race or religion, and we do not want to see our entertainment companies taking divisive political positions.

In a continuation of the utter sickness we are seeing by people who refuse to stop escalating the situation, refuse to stop driving the nation towards mass conflict… now Twitter users are flooding Bob Chapek’s statement with responses that he should fire Gina Carano who acts in The Mandalorian.

Apparently we’re now heading for a future where we are going to actively advocate for the purge of people groups from entertainment with an utterly stupid belief that this sort of behavior won’t result in a dark future.

What will happen with the few conservatives that work in high attention positions at Disney? I don’t know. But considering Bob Iger wants the China ambassadorship, don’t think for a second they won’t sacrifice the change in direction of Star Wars to get him there. After all, if a few million slaves and murdered Uyghurs wasn’t enough, what’s Gina Carano to them?

All of this is going to get worse before it gets better, because the people who run our institutions, our companies, and our government are apparently moving us swiftly towards a dystopian future.

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