Adorable New Mickey and Minnie Merchandise Is Coming On March 4th (Some Prices Added)


Earlier we posted articles showing the cute new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Wishables, and we looked at the special Annual Passholder merchandise. Now we are going to look at what other fantastic finds are coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Wednesday, March 4th. Some of these pieces are already available on Shop Disney.

First up are adorable new ears featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Engineer Goofy!–$29.99

On the side is embroidered “Nothing Can Stop Us Now! the new theme song for this attraction.

Also included in the new merchandise are:

A cute Train Whistle (remember parents this could get old after awhile.) $12.99

A Mickey Ear Attraction Ornament-I know a lot of people that collect these! $24.99

Runaway Railway Mug- Featuring Engineer Goofy (Gawrsh…couldn’t resist) $22.99

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Magic Band – $29.99

Runaway Railway Pull-Back Toy – I love they went retro with a pull back toy!

Mickey and Minnie Plush Dolls

Runaway Railway T-shirts!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse sequined Ear Headbands – Again Loving the Retro vibe!

My only concern here is that they look a bit cheap compared to other ones (Mickey’s especially) so I am hoping they have a price that reflects that.

And of course what is a new attraction without it’s limited opening day pin?

Besides these items Annual Passholders will have some exclusives and there will be a brand new Disney Parks Wishables collection too!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Disney Parks Blog


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