Actors’ Equity Union Makes Their Version of the “Welcome Home” Video After Talks Reach An Impasse


According to the Orlando Sentinel, the talks between the Actors’ Equity Union and Disney  have hit an impasse on the union has asked for their grievance claim to be expedited.

Originally the actors in the union were to be called back to work, like members of other unions representing the Walt Disney World workers. The issue is that the actors can’t wear the protective face masks that other employees can wear. When the Actors’ Equity Union didn’t agree to sign agreements Disney withdrew the return to work offers. The union seems to feel that their members aren’t being given the same protections as members of other unions.

In response to Disney denying their requests the Actors’ Equity Union has put together their own “Welcome Home” redo of the Disney video that was put out a few weeks ago.

It was put on their Facebook page. It’s been changed to add the number of COVID-19 cases since June 25th in the area to the bottom of the video and the music towards the end has been altered.

It finishes with #ProtectTheMagicMakers

Meanwhile some 250 Walt Disney World performers are still waiting for the issue to be resolved so they can return to work.

Some of them support the union’s demands for better testing and others feel that Disney is doing enough and would like to just get back to work.

The Orlando Sentinel said one group of performers even released a statement that said:  “While we appreciate our union’s efforts on our behalf, we strongly believe that Disney has taken the necessary safety precautions for a phase one reopening, and that we deserve a voice in the assessment of these new protocols.

Performers are starting to worry because Disney is replacing them with other shows, altered experiences or other cast members.

I hope for everyone’s sake they can reach an agreement soon.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel


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