Abraham Lincoln Has Had Enough! Animatronic Malfunctions in the Hall of Presidents


It seems Mr. Lincoln has finally had enough of the political discord plaguing the country and  has now noped out of the show at The Hall of Presidents in Walt Disney World.

All joking aside, the animatronic broke down and someone took video of it and put it on TikTok.

It’s the most entertaining the show has been in two scores and several years.

The account Daytonac500 posted the video.


@daytonac500Abe…you good buddy?##abrahamlincoln ##disneyworldorlando ##hallofpresidents ##fail ##fyp ##disneytok♬ original sound – Daytona 500

I guess he’s looking for the “birth of freedom.”

This is the part of the show where the Lincoln animatronic rises up and gives the Gettysburg Address.

Fun fact, this isn’t the worst glitch facing an Abraham Lincoln animatronic.

The Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln animatronic allegedly had an incident where there was a  malfunction where the hydraulic fluid leaked out on him and it was the red kind. People wondered why they were recreating his assassination.  Since then they do not use the red colored fluid.

It’s also been reported that the animatronic would malfunction and go into a “robotic fit” that would smash his chair to pieces.  Turned out it was electrical interference from something else.

Disney historian Bill Cotter talked about his in the Behind the Attraction show on Disney+:

Mr. Lincoln would sit in this chair and he would start to get up and all of a sudden he would go into this robotic fit and fling his arms around. He literally smashed his chair into kindling.

Disney Legend Marc Davis said in an interview once:

They would go and get him another chair and he worked two or three days in a row,” Cotter said in the Disney+ episode. “They would bring the press and he’d stand up and smash the chair into kindling.”

Finally, the Imagineers figured out the problem. A nearby World’s Fair pavilion called the Tower of Light was shining a giant beam into the sky. The powerful light beam was creating an electronic anomaly that caused the Lincoln animatronic to “go crazy.

So it could have been worse. The animatronic probably just lost hydraulic pressure. I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

It did make for one heck of a good laugh though.

Sources: TikTok, OC Register, hat tip to WDWNT

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