A Tale of Two Scandals, Why Does Ezra Miller Get a Pass When Johnny Depp Got Canceled?


It was the worst of times for two different people but one of them has gotten a pass and the other one was removed from franchises. Both Ezra Miller and Johnny Depp have been at the center of controversy and accusations, but the way Hollywood handled them were strikingly different. Now Miller has been brought back in to film reshoots on the ‘Flash’ film after they apologized to Warner Bros.

Miller has been at the center of controversy with their arrests and erratic behavior. From involvement in physical altercations in Hawai’i and Iceland, to charges for burglary in Vermont, to accusations of grooming young people, “cult-like” behavior and irrational behavior. Yet somehow they continue to work because they apologized to the movie studio that is banking heavily on their film.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp faced accusations of abuse from his ex-wife Amber Heard, and he was fired from the Warner Bros. “Fantastic Beasts” franchise and allegedly dropped from talks of him appearing in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean 6′ film. Depp himself discussed how he was “boycotted” from major projects over accusations, which he denied, and sued Heard for defamation.

During the highly publicized trial this past spring, Depp won his defamation case against Heard. Yet, prior to his win, he was removed from projects based on the accusation of one woman, while Miller continues to work even with criminal charges, arrests, orders of protection and accusations from several individuals.

Why are there two sets of standards at play here?

Many believe it’s because Warner Bros. needs ‘The Flash’ film to perform. It’s allegedly going to reset the DCEU and be the ground for films in the future. The film is also reportedly doing well in early testing and the studio needs a winning film. Warner Bros. can’t afford to lose this one. So instead of taking the loss they are going to use double standards to fire one and forgive another.

Some may ask why Depp hasn’t been brought back for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ yet?

That is a valid question.

It could be that Depp is staying true to his word in the trial where he agreed that he would not return for “$300 million and 1 million alpacas.” Another reason could be that Disney was not making a lot of money domestically with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films. Or the fact that despite not making a lot of money on the ‘Pirates’ films they are going to make more, but this time with all female pirates (because that has worked out so well for other franchises.) There could be a lot of reasons why Depp hasn’t returned as Captain Jack Sparrow. But the public has noticed and it could impact Disney negatively when it comes time to release more “Pirates of the Caribbean” films.

All of this aside, what is concerning to many is the willingness for Hollywood to forgive some people for their documented transgressions, but then shun another for alleged transgressions.

For whatever reason Ezra Miller is allowed to continue while other people, like Depp, have been fired or “boycotted.”

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